Graphic Design Services | Typography | Identity

Screen Arts offers a full range of graphic print design services including corporate identity, logo design, typesetting, stationary and wedding design. Our many years of experience with print manufacturing combined with a thorough knowledge of electronic production allow us to maximize your design’s print efficiency while we keep you looking your best.

If you’ve finalized designs with your own designer, or have existing print production files, we can help you spot the inefficient and expensive spots in your production. Our streamlining services can save thousands of dollars and help reduce your company’s environmental impact.

Web Design | Flash Design | HTML |  Blogs

Our web design services range from basic contact and splash pages to flash integration, web-mastering and e-commerce sites. If you already have a site in place and need alterations or updates, we can handle that too.

And for those just getting started with their online identity, we can provide a basic site design, custom email and website URL to fit your business or vision. Ask for discounts and details when ordering business cards and other startup printing.

File Submission Guidelines

1. Save as a native file with layers:

  • Photoshop document (.psd)
  • Illustrator Document (.ai or .eps)
  • .eps with layers
  • High resolution PDF files are accepted.

2. All images must be embedded, do not link (or place) files:

  • Damaged or non-embedded objects can cause output errors and lead to additional art fees*

3. Convert all fonts to outlines or curves.

4. Submit .pdf, .jpeg, or hardcopy for proofing purposes.

  • Without a proof we are not responsible for any changes that might happen if the art as a result of file transfer, etc.

5. Submit files in CMYK only

  • This includes all embedded images or files.
  • convert blacks to the following: C: 75 M: 68 Y: 67 K: 90

Software Applications

We are able to output digital files from the following MAC or PC programs:

  • Photoshop: 7.0 – CS3
  • Illustrator: 8.0 – CS3
  • Quark Xpress: 4.0 – 6.0
  • InDesign CS3:¬†we can accept your designs from InDesign if they are converted to a version 8 or higher PDF set at press quality or higher with all text set to outlines.

Type Size Restrictions

  • We are not capable of printing type smaller than 8pt with clarity.
  • If clarity is not an issue below this size we can print it.
  • If clarity is essential below 8pt, printing cost is increased.

Setting up Vector Files

  • When using vector based programs such as Illustrator, build files as close to a 1:1 ratio as possible, not going under a 1/8 scale.
  • Always build documents in inches, not feet. (i.e. if your finished size is 4′ x 8′, then build your file as 48″ x 96″.

Color Matching

  • Submitting a color output of your file is recommended to ensure accurate color reproduction.
  • Our machine is only capable of printing in CMYK. However, if your color is pantone, you must provide us with the numbers. We will match them as close as possible.
  • *We do not look at specific Pantone colors withing a file unless specifically requested by the client.


  • Convert all fonts to outlines to avoid any missing or corrupt font issues.
  • If you are unable to convert font’s to outlines than you, please supply a font suitcase that includes all of the fonts used in your document.

Die-Cutting Files

  • We accept .eps files and dds2.
  • Contact Rob Depiazza with any questions regarding the type of file you would like to submit for die-cutting.
  • Cuts, creases, perfs, etc. must be their own color within the die.
  • Please provide die-lines on a separate layer of art file fit to your art the way it needs to be cut on our die-cutter. We do this to hide the die layer prior to printing.
  • We are able to provide specific die-lines to fit your needs. However, if we are required to design a die-line the below charges apply.

Art File and Structural Design Changes

  • Any adjustments we are required to make will incur a fee of $80 per hour. Therefore, we strongly suggest sending art files ready for print as specified in this form. The above art file charge also pertains to structural design in which die lines need to be created or modified. If you have any questions concerning proper preparation of your files, please contact our Production Department – we are here to help you!

File Submission

  • Files under 10MB can be emailed to or can be uploaded to out FTP site.
  • To use our FTP system contact Art & Graphics director Matthew Batty to establish a username and password so that you may be granted permission to upload your files.