Our Process

The screen printing process is a time proven printing process dating back over 1000 years that is simply unparallelled in the manufacture of long term outdoor products that must withstand the extremes of the environment. There is no other printing process that compares. Recent advancements and lower equipment costs in inkjet printing have resulted in an explosion of inexperienced sign and decal manufacturers touting inkjet as the pinnacle of durability. The facts however reveal a vast difference in the two processes. While screen printing produces a uniform printed ink film of .5mil thickness, inkjet produces a sprayed deposit of irregular ‘hills and valleys’ which measures 1/10th the thickness of screen printing. This irregularity along with the ultra-thin ink deposit leads to premature failure in outdoor conditions, often after only one month. Our uv cure screen printing inks are rated at 5+ years in the harshest of outdoor conditions.

This image shows the strength of our prints over the course of 3 years, the bottom being the oldest.

The image above demonstrates the durability of our products. The top image is the original decal printed with our 5+ year uv ink system. The bottom image shows a portion of that decal after being subjected to 1500 hours in a QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester which is equivalent to 3 years of the harshest outdoor conditions. Note the lack of fading, cracking or peeling!

In addition to longevity, screen printed images are much smoother, crisp and vibrant and allow for very fine detail such as 4pt type due to the way the ink is deposited. Furthermore, our inks can be chemically altered for difficult substrates for increased adhesion and longevity. We also offer specialty inks such as thermo-cure for stainless steel nameplates, fluorescent ‘day-glo’ inks and phosphorescent ‘glow in the dark’ ink.